Project Spark

Bringing hope for deprived children

Annual Report 2012 - 2013

In the UK we have supported the work of Bader Babes Activity weekends.

Skidz - the Wycombe Motor project offering vocational skills in motor mechanics for young disadvantaged people at risk of offending.

Oxfordshire skybus that provides a mobile crèche through the villages of Oxfordshire.

One-Eighty Project to support vulnerable kids to reintegrate into main stream education

In South Africa, at last, with other N.G.O.’s, we have persuaded their government to teach English in all the primary schools. This became law on 15/1/2013, the beginning of the new academic year. Thus, Project Spark is sponsoring two teachers in the Drachenstien Valley, Wemmershoek and Weist-End Primary Schools. All four schools in the area now have their own vegetable gardens run by the children. The major garden that feeds the non residential Hospice and the squatter camp is now run by Dave, Jim and Abraham.

 It has come to our attention that many women and children are under severe pressure in the squatter camp. Not only is there daily abuse and rape, but in March and April, three cases were banished from their shacks by drunken husbands or parents and left homeless in the street. In these cases they often get gang raped and the victims are left in serious need of medical , emotional   and councelling help. Above all a place of safety to stay. Thus I am returning to S.Africa to look into finding or building a safe house for women and children in the valley. 

 Sally Trench .   July 2013


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