Project Spark

Bringing hope for deprived children

Annual Report 2015 - 2016

2015-2016   Project Spark has supported eight projects in South England dealing with difficult, disadvantaged and sick children.  By participating in proven programmes of fun-filled recreation and educational activities, these youngsters develop confidence, self-esteem and coping strategies. We are proud of our history of promoting social inclusion and care amongst kids, who are socially excluded by society because of their behaviour or disabilities.


In South Africa, Project Spark has made a massive contribution to the community of the Drakenstein Valley in the Western Cape. Here there is a high prevalence of alcohol/drug abuse and widespread unemployment, poverty, malnutrition and child abuse.


In the last two years, we have been focusing all our resources on employing highly specialised social workers to render therapeutic services for raped and abused children. Through Project Spark, we aim to help the youngsters, many suffering from foetal alcoholic syndrome and emotional difficulties, to cope with their daily lives and to overcome the endless struggles and challenges that their torrid surroundings  throws at them.  These children deserve a future.


                                                                      Sally Trench



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