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Bringing hope for deprived children

                                                                                                      Bardwell School 2011/2011                                               



As we reached the end of the school year 2011/2012 the Bardwell students, who have worked hard at their Social Enterprise business, decided how to spend the profit.

All students have contributed to the work involved. They collect and sort lost property from local schools. They wash, dry and iron it. They then sell it back to the parents of these schools, who love our bargain prices and our friendly service. We are constantly invited back!

We also manufacture greetings cards. We have done great business at the local church community centre. They are happy to let us sell at their coffee mornings and Valentines cards and Easter cards have been good fund raisers for us.

A general meeting was held at school by the workers and it was decided democratically that a visit to the Bowling Alley in Banbury and pizzas for lunch would be a good reward for this year’s hard work. Thank you Spark for getting this up and running. You can see how well it is working!








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