Project Spark

Bringing hope for deprived children

In 2011, The Trustees decided to support the Clear Sky Children's Foundation. It is a newly formed charity that has been established to provide a Play Therapy service across Oxfordshire. Play Therapy is a psychological support therapy for kids, who are suffering with emotional and behavioural problems, due to circumstances out of their control. Play Therapy has been proven to alleviate trauma in children suffering at the hands of abuse, divorce or separation of parents, bereavement, anxiety, bullying, phobias and nightmares to name a few.
Play Therapy is best used as a prevention rather than a cure - the younger the child that receives therapy,  the better the results. This service will be geared towards helping children in primary schools, aged 5-11 and will be brought to the schools by the Clear Sky Bus.
The Clear Sky Bus provides a dedicated Play Therapy space for children in schools, where space is often limited. The purpose built Play Bus is fully equipped with all the tools the therapists need - sand trays, clay, paints, toys, musical instruments and puppets to name a few.
In this era of serious turbulent cut backs in Oxfordshire, the Trustees are delighted to have the opportunity to support such an imaginative service to kids with emotional and behavioural problems.


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