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Bringing hope for deprived children


Create is the UK's leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts.  Since 2003 they have run 8,107 Creative Arts workshops with 35,063 disadvantaged and vulnerable participants as part of sustained, life - changing programs. They believe that everyone regardless of circumstances, behavior, age, gender, race or disability deserve the chance to fulfill there potential. Most projects are collaborations with community partners which have specialist knowledge of local priorities and the participants they exist to serve. There focus is on engaging the most marginalized participants in inspiring, sustainable art programs in areas where provisions are poor and engagement in the arts is therefore low.

The grant by Project Spark will will support 36 ArtsAdventures workshops in Oxford during 2018/2019. The workshops will take place at Helen and Douglas House Hospice, The john Radcliffe Hospital and Viking House Short Breaks Respite Center.

 Each ArtsAdventure workshop is informal, with Creates carefully selected professional musicians, and other Artists such as writers, dancers and storytellers facilitating create activities and interacting with participants. The projects goal is to take the focus away from young patients illness, injury or disability, helping them to cope with anxiety and stress, providing a distraction from there medical procedures and supporting there development of independence and renewed confidence.

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