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Bringing hope for deprived children

The Douglas Bader Foundation exsists to promote and advance the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of people who are without one or more limbs or otherwise physically disabled.



BADER BRAVES YOUNG AVIATORS DAYS are designed to do just this. Youngsters with limb impairment and other disabilities experience what is often their first flight in a light aircraft. 'For a child who spends most of his or her life in a wheelchair particularly, it is exhilarating to be higher than other people; to be able to look down on the  world from the intimate vantage point of a light aircraft is often an incredibly liberating experience for them. '


 This experience is one that is often enjoyed by the whole family, not least because of the expressions on the children’s faces which conveys both the enjoyment and satisfaction they get from this new experience.  As one mother pointed out; it is often unusual for the child with a disability to feel “important”, particularly to their able-bodied siblings.


After all the BRAVES have flown, The Douglas Bader Foundation tries, when possible, to ensure that brothers and sisters get the opportunity to fly also. Consequently, the Braves involvement is instrumental in siblings also having this exciting opportunity. 

Project Spark are proud to have supported Douglas Bader on multiple occasions. The work they do is truly inspiring.








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