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Report March 2014

It has been universally agreed by all residents of Franschhoek that a ‘safe house’ is needed  for desperate mothers and children, who suffer abuse, violence and rape.  The atmosphere of terror and trepidation is palpable in both the town and the farms.
Project Spark approached the Municipality  and they were in complete denial that there was such a problem and that they would neither finance, nor support such a project. The validity of this is questionable without evidence, despite our own daily redress to the violence and sodomy of youngsters under ten.

So I have decided to tackle this ever increasing problem another way. With the support of fieldworkers an educationalists, Project Spark, is implementing a two year research and analysis  programme in the four Primary schools of the disadvantaged communities in Franschhoek.  We are employing a child psychologist to work with the abused kids in their schools and we will support,  physically and emotionally, the damaged children and monitor the health and progress of all victims, including the mothers.  Then we will have the evidence, and the Municipality might consider providing us with the effective resources we so desperately need.

Sally Trench

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