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Bringing hope for deprived children


Nicodemus is a small charity started in 2004 that rescues, restores and rebuilds the most disadvantaged, overlooked and abandoned young people living in poverty.

Project Spark have supported  the Youth Leadership Program based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. 

This program is aimed at young people between 16-24 and is based on a mentoring structure which provides group and 1-2-1 mentoring for those who want it, whilst including all young people in monthly activities. These community and social activities provide the youth with opportunities to plug into a local movement/family and develop new skills and aspirations. 

The Youth Leadership Program compliments other professional input and provides a bridge when professional support reduces or ceases. The program looks to work with some of the most marginalized and hard to reach young people in Banbury, many of whom are young single parents. It supports and encourages them in building relationships, trust and stabilising and gently progressing young people to take leadership and ownership of their lives and communities.

The Youth Leadership program activities provide a place where vulnerable young people are free to gain trust amongst there peers and supportive adults. It gives them the ability to develop there life, parenting, social and communication skills to realise there full potential and make a positive contribution within society. Through the various services provided by YLP, they help young people develop aspirations, a sense of stability in their lives and give them the opportunity to develop within the wider community, gaining skills for a life transition. YLP enables them to learn the skills they need to break the cycles of poverty, disadvantage, drug use and crime.

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