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One-Eighty is a charity that seeks to inspire young people on the fringes of education and society to live motivated and successful lives. One-Eighty looks at the individual, their school and their family in order to develop a program that offers exactly what is needed. The focus is on developing not only successful results, orientated mentorship and support but also ensuring the sustainability of behavioral change.

The money donated by Project Spark will benefit One-Eightys project One-2-One. This project entails working with an estimated 15 individuals who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion from mainstream education. The One-Eighty team develops a 7 week intervention plan, setting weekly targets and challenges for the young person to implement into their routine. They also offer supportive tools in order to encourage the young persons re-integration back into school, family life and the community. This is done by drawing on supportive services available to create a network for the individual. 

Project Spark are proud to have supported One-Eighty on a number of occasions.


To find out more about One-Eighty and the work they do please see their website:

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