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April 2012 Report

First and foremost, a happy and restful Easter to you all from an Autumnal wet and windy Western Cape.There is something magnetic about S.Africa - a tension, an electricity. Nothing happens rationally – or even consciously. Yet there is always a significant silent cry for help that persists, unrelentingly - rather like a severe allergy. Dramas are daily and overwhelming. They dull ones appetite in terms of having any reasonable expectations and they deplete any optimism.

As I mentioned previously; on the day of my arrival, my downstairs neighbours were nearly killed in a car crash by a driver, who had neither licence, nor insurance. A week later, if they had not woken, they would have died of poisoning from a malfunctioning nocturnal oil lantern. The same week, a young man skateboarding over the mountainous Franschhoek Pass, was killed by a truck driving on the wrong side of the road.
The following weekend, three shacks were burnt down in the squatter camp. The police believe it was arson. We now have three homeless families. Last weekend, our recently opened creche for 75 children, under five, was totally vandalised. All the taps and plumbing were taken; the childrens' toys and learning equipment are missing; two weeks supply of maize, basic food and milk powder for the babes were all stolen.
Yesterday, three of us decided to go on a four hour trek across the mountains to clear our heads. It is unbelievable – but I was “ambushed” by an illegal barbed wire leopard trap which snared my right leg! As I was being extricated, I felt grateful for having had the foresight to renew my tetanus injection last summer.

One tends to underestimate the strange ways in which God shows us his mercy! So friends, onwards and upwards, but not across mountain forests where there are well laid leopard traps!!!! Go well and happy Easter.
Sally Trench
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