Project Spark

Bringing hope for deprived children

May 2012 Report

"My latest experience is a miracle. I had an emergency call out from the squatter camp in the most diabolical conditions. Low mountain mist and rain as I have never seen before. It was flooding down the mountain like white water rafting rapids. The victims were a family, who had just been thrown out of their tin shack, which they rented off a guy in prison. He had been released that morning and said they could no longer live there! I got in my car [Matilda], unable to see more than three feet in front of me and went up there to find them. The mud side streets had become gushing rivers - I needed a 4 x 4 , not little Matilda!!! We were swept on to a large rock in the road (which one would have normally seen) where we duly pirouetted!! I realised immediately, I couldn't get out and disturb the balance of Matilda, let alone me being swept away. I prayed. Like an angel descending from a cloud,a  totally drenched Rastafarian appeared through the mist shouting 'Mamma Sally, don't move' (as if I could!). As Matilda and I swayed in mid-air on this rock, he returned with eight massive black guys and the next thing I was aware of, Matilda and I were being lifted off the rock on to earth. It was just  such  an incredible sensation of relief  and awe. I  did find  the family and they are OK and  I am OK, but poor Matilda is sickly and dented ! Thank God for miracles! love from Sally" 
Sally Trench
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