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SPARK REPORT November 2013 .
From the Economist 2011 by Education Without Borders:  "As long as South Africa continues to graduate generations of young people without basic education and opportunities for honest work, the country will adrift, be vulnerable to social unrest, HIV and crime. It is essential for the future of South Africa that South Africa's educated black and white elite take note and begin aggressively putting resources towards education and job creation. The country's enormous wealth and education divide is not sustainable; to ignore this reality is pure folly".
Franschhoek Valley schools are plagued by the rhetoric of the past.. Poverty, homelessness, municipal indifference, substance abuse, foetal alcoholic syndrome, HIV, endemic violence and crime and intimidating gangs flourish.  Despite all this, with other NGO's, we have accomplished much and indeed , we are prevailing. We have been consistent in financing teachers in the Primary schools, created many vegetable gardens and supported many families in crisis and mentored many children in desperate situations. The improvements in the valley, where there was a 40% drop-out rate between Grades 1-12, are progressing  and we are optimistic about the future. Perhaps another five years will sustain our small achievements !!!       


Sally Trench. November 8th 2013             

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