Project Spark

Bringing hope for deprived children


REWORK is a refurbish and reuse project in Wandsworth, where repairable white-goods are fixed up by trainees who are getting back into workplace. It’s one of the busiest and best equipped domestic appliance repair workshops in the country.

The trainees at the workshop have all been on out of work for some time. They are employed as apprentices in electrical engineering and maintenance, helping them to gain the experience and the skills necessary to embark on a new career.

Last year 10 trainees refurbished 4500 electrical items in the workshop, including washing machines, fridges, cookers, microwaves and other household electrical goods. These appliances that would have been scrapped, recycled or sent to landfill, are returned to full working order and given a second life. Once refurbished they are passed onto charity retailers and social enterprises who sell them at affordable prices. 

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