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Siblings Together

Siblings Together is a UK based charity that promotes positive contact between brothers and sisters separated in foster care, kinship care, residential care, or adoption. They aim to provide quality, high-impact services which actively reunite children in care separated from their siblings. Siblings Together also campaign for a change of attitude on this issue at a national and government level.

The money donated by Project Spark helped to fund a residential camp which aims to bring siblings together who have been separated by the care system. For some children it is the first time they have seen their siblings in several years. The camp helps to create memorable and meaningful experiences which sibling groups can share together and cherish forever. The children can take part in a number of activities including art therapy and various outdoor pursuits. Photography is also an essential part of the camp as children who grow up in care often have very few photos of themselves or there family.

Delma Hughes is the founder of Siblings Together and in 2007 she became the first person in the UK to research and run a camp for siblings in care. The camps model has since been refined and developed and consequently an extremely high quality program is provided. 

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