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Hello Sally


Have been wanting to write to you for soooo long but life is so very busy at the moment and I am not getting any younger ;) so by the time I remember it is to late!!


Project Spark is doing well! I have the most wonderful children in the program.  One girl (turned 13 on 11/08) also revealed that she was raped by her foster father for the past 3 years.  So very very sad.  She would have benefited so much if your safe house was up and running in Franschhoek.  Another girl’s (12 years old) mother is using tik and also murdered her father.  She asked me yesterday if I can give her to someone else seeing that her mother does not want her anymore!


There are so many sad stories BUT these kids have resilience!!! I just LOVE them.  The smallest act of kindness towards them are so appreciated ! They are my best teachers and I am their biggest Fan!


I am also trying to mail the photo’s of the group  we had during the holiday.   Think I will ask Laurie to help me with that!



Hope you are doing well . please know that your program is touching so many little lives in the valley.  Maybe I can introduce some of the children to you when you come visit again?!


Please look after yourself and looking forward to meet with you again.




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