Project Spark

Bringing hope for deprived children

South & Vale Carers Centre

This Young Carers Project has been running since 1996. The project supports children and young people aged 8 to 17, who live with a parent or sibling who has a physical illness or disability, a mental health problem or who is dependent on drugs or alcohol. The Carers Centre offers individuals emotional support by phone or through home visits. The project also organises 24 free trips and visits through out the year to give them respite from there caring responsibilities.

The organisation also aims to tackle the challenges faced by young carers and help to break the cycle of despair and negative expectation. The project aims to support those youngsters falling through the gaps in the care systems as well as those who do not posses fundermental life skills such as cooking and cleaning and are left stranded with parents incapable of assisting because of there disability or illness.

  • Sue Simmons, Project Spark, 3rd Floor
  • 12 Gough Square
  • London
  • EC4A 3DW

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