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Bringing hope for deprived children

The Beehive Foundation

The Beehive Foundation is a Slough based project which aims to promote social inclusion amoungst children and young people who are socialy excluded by society. This is done by providing young people with the oppurtunities and experiences that build there self esteem and enables them to provide a positive contribution to society. The foundation also aims to bridge the gap in care for young people who are excluded from taking part in certain oppurtunitys due to there disabilities and additional needs.

Young people are refered to The Beehive Foundation by Schools and Professionals. This then needs to be approved by the schools trustees. Once this is done the child is placed on a holiday scheme or after school club which matches there needs and intrests. Children with high support needs are provided with a 1.1 carer.

23% of the children in Slough live on the edge of poverty and one in five children have a parent effected by drug/alchol addiction, mental health or domestic violence. Many of these children are living in over crowded and unsutable homes. The Beehive Foundation aims to provide care for children who fall just short of the Social Care threshold. This foundation aims to provide respite and oppurtunities for such young people.

So far the Beehive Foundation has supported over 30 disadvantaged and disabled children allowing them to escape there chaotic home lives.

Project Spark has provided funds for 6 disadvantaged children to attend 20 sessions of a holiday or sports club.  

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