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The Project Spark Trustees have agreed to support the above charity on four separate occasions. The charity was formed in 1982, to advance and promote the physical, mental, and spiritual welfare of persons who are without one or more limbs, or otherwise physically disabled.
The Trustees have specified the donation should support the BADER BRAVES - children with limb-loss and other physical disabilities, by offering unique experiences and improving life skills to increase confidence and to promote a positive healthy life style. This clearly disadvantaged group of kids often struggle with life, feel isolated and alone, feel different from their peers and cope with a very uncertain future with continual hospital check ups and life long medical supervision connected to their conditions. Thus, the Trustees are delighted to give four youngsters the opportunity to participate in the Bader Braves 'Reach for the Skies' Flying Days.  Further info. please go to:




Bardwell Special School received a grant to help them set up a business recycling used school uniforms and selling them on to local families. Here's what happened...



1. We want to say thank you for helping us get started.

2. We want you to know that we are making some money and people like what we are doing.

3. We are learning how to do things that we didn’t know about before.

“My mum couldn’t believe that I can do ironing”

“The parents said they hope we come back and do another sale”

“One lady bought 9 things”

“Now I can help my mum do the washing machine”

We began in December with Glory Farm School and did a sale for them which was very successful. Then we sent emails to 3 more schools and we have given them sales last term, in February, March and another one in April. With the money we have bought some storage boxes and some shelves to keep all the uniform tidy in the shed. Now we have got 2 more schools to do this term, as well as keeping the old schools going!

We make flyers for the schools to give out to the parents telling them when the sales are. We also make posters to put up in the schools for advertising.

The school people really like it when we turn up in the bus and take away the sacks full of lost property, they are very friendly and always say thank you.









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