Brightening Futures: Supporting Imaginative Initiatives for UK Children and Young Adults

Empowering recovery and hope, our initiatives make a positive impact on young lives, shaping a brighter future.

To support imaginative initiatives in the United Kingdom that are of direct benefit to groups of children and young people, in order to help make their future brighter.

Project Spark
Project Spark

Recent Projects

Discover a range of impactful initiatives at Project Spark, dedicated to making a positive difference in the community. Explore and support our endeavors.

Our Values


We welcome and include all.


We treat everyone with respect.


We're passionate about making a difference

Project Spark
Project Spark

About Project Spark

We are a Charity originally based in Oxfordshire founded by Sally Trench. Sally has dedicated her life to helping and supporting individuals who are in need.

We are actively looking to make grants to support projects in England and Wales that meet our charitable objectives.